Born Learners (Age 2 - 4 Years)

Course Details

  • Our uniquely designed educational program guarantees to equip your child with a hunger for learning, knowledge and English at the earliest of ages, when their brains are still developing their cognitive process.
  • Learn and play are at the heart of our balanced course. We ensure your child loves their learning environment, with activities such as; puzzle-games, art, craft, singing, dancing, drawing, painting and dough modelling. In addition, your child will be taught the correct phonetical sounds of individual letters with our native British speakers, and how to link these sounds into simple words.
  • Our expert teachers will equip young learners with the skills necessary to begin communicating their simple visual perceptions. Imaginations will be sure to run wild, following this British based curriculum.
  • Learning will be child-led. Our staff will carefully guide you child to the correct answer and an ability to think independently, rather than teachers simply giving correct answers. Our schools seeks to move beyond simply getting students to repeat words held up on a card by a teacher.
  • Our purpose-built classroom is the perfect place for your child to develop their basic motor skills, balance, creativity and imagination. We will introduce as well as reinforce the necessary language your child needs, not simply to begin communicating in English, but to do so with an ear-to-ear smile on their faces.
  • Parents can sit back and admire the progress, as your child begins to communicate household objects in English, as well as recognizing basic words and expressions in English. At the end of the course, students will provide a special singing and exhibition day for parents to see first hand the development made by their children.


Essential Learning starts only 5,XXX Baht (6 times / month) and Accelerated Learning starts only 8,XXX Baht (11 times / month)