• Born Bilingual (Age 6 Months - 1 Year and 11 months)

    Born Bilingual (Age 6 Months - 1 Year and 11 months)

    Our purposely designed young learners program, is focused on developing the basic motor skills, hand-eye coordination, with an exposure to the English language.
  • Born Learners (Age 2 - 4 Years)

    Born Learners (Age 2 - 4 Years)

    Our uniquely designed educational program guarantees to equip your child with a hunger for learning, knowledge and English at the earliest of ages, when their brains are still developing their cognitive process.
  • Born Creative (Age 5 - 7 Years)

    Born Creative (Age 5 - 7 Years)

    Your children will benefit from our purpose built classrooms, boasting the latest teaching aids. Additionally we offer a diverse range of equipment, play rooms, and learning stimuli, in order to ensure both the left and right side of your child’s brain is matured and developed.
  • Born Explorers (Age 8 - 10 Years)

    Born Explorers (Age 8 - 10 Years)

    A key component of this course will be essay writing. Our teachers will dedicate themselves to expanding the vocabulary of students, to such an extent, that they are able to create a three paragraphed essay, expressing their opinions on modern day topics. Here is where we truly distinguish ourselves as a school, ensuring you children is fully equipped for the modern world.
  • Born Scholars (Age 11 - 13 Years)

    Born Scholars (Age 11 - 13 Years)

    One element to feature in this course will be the Born Leader's own “GroupReading” activity. Here carefully selected pieces of classic and modern literature will be read as a group. This is one of many activities where we transfer the “native sound” to students, with immediate correction carried out in a friendly and smooth manner by our experienced educators.
  • Born Leaders (Age 14 - 16 Years)

    Born Leaders (Age 14 - 16 Years)

    English skills are developed through discussion, drama, role-plays, and debates, to allow a natural English thought process to naturally emerge. This content will allow students to become “Global Citizens”, as they gain knowledge on a wide range of cultures. We foster collaborative learning, tolerance, respect and integrity, during every aspect of this course.
  • Homework Club

    Homework Club

    Trusted research shows the effectiveness of Homework Clubs. They provide so many benefits to young learners and school students. With the right atmosphere they learn to enjoy doing their homework and truly understand the lessons. Eventually, it enhances opportunities for kids to score more in exams. At Born Leaders, we are fully aware of the importance of this learning practice, so we would love to offer you another well-developed course of ours, “Homework Club”.