Born Bilingual (Age 6 Months - 1 Year 6 months)

Course Details

  • Our uniquely created play area allows children to learn how to interact socially from a young age. Our activities allow children to see the importance of teamwork, in addition to fostering an environment where they can crawl, balance and develop their limbs.
  • Our lessons are designed to create a fun and enjoyable environment for children to learn. Students will begin to link basic English sounds and words to their everyday life.
  • Our purpose-built classroom is the perfect place for your child to develop their basic gross motor skills, balance, creativity and imagination. We will introduce as well as reinforce the necessary language your child needs, not simply to begin communicating in English, but to do so with an ear-to-ear smile on their faces.
  • Music is an integral part of our course. Students will be exposed to and learn by contextualized musical songs. Staff will carefully guide your child to the correct answer and an ability to think independently, rather than teachers simply giving correct answers. Our schools seek to move beyond simply getting students to repeat words held up on a card by a teacher.


Essential Learning starts only 5,XXX Baht (6 times / month) and Accelerated Learning starts only 8,XXX Baht (11 times / month)