Born Explorers (Age 8 - 10 Years)

Course Details

  • This is the course when students begin to truly express their own feelings and emotions. The ability to construct fluid sentences will be taught by our professional and dedicated staff, and students will be encouraged to listen and respond by demonstrating.
  • At this level, many of our activities are designed to offer your child the ability to develop their own logical thought process. Furthermore we begin to prepare students for the modern world, through a variety of topic based games, musical performances, problem solving tasks, role plays and creative performances.
  • A key component of this course will be essay writing. Our teachers will dedicate themselves to expanding the vocabulary of students, to such an extent that they are able to create a three paragraphed essay, expressing their opinions on modern day topics. Here is where we truly distinguish ourselves as a school, ensuring you children is fully equipped for the modern world.
  • During this course, students will be taught the correct elocution of diphthongs, vowel sound, words stress and syllables. Instead of simply parroting and holding up cards to students, our detailed course achieves success intertwining “synthetic” phonics, with “analytic phonics”. This unique teaching method accelerates your child’s ability to pronounce unfamiliar words
  • When the course has been completed, students will be able to express themselves in English language, as well having having sufficient aural skills in order to comprehend simple native language. A performance will be put on for parents and friends of the school upon completion of this course.


Essential Learning starts only 5,XXX Baht (6 times / month) and Accelerated Learning starts only 8,XXX Baht (11 times / month)