Born Scholars (Age 11 - 13 Years)

Course Details

  • The Born Scholars program is specifically designed to educate students in numeracy and literacy in the same manner as native students in the UK. Our program closely mirrors the current UK syllabus to ensure your children are educated to an international standard.
  • Our in house designed activities are created to offer an international perspective to your children. At this level, students will be equipped with the capability to engage in conversation on a broad range of topics, such as culture, science, history, engineering and architecture.
  • One element to feature in this course will be Born Leader's own “GroupReading” activity. Here carefully selected pieces of classic and modern literature will be read as a group. This is one many activities where we transfer the “native sound” to students, with immediate correction carried out in a friendly and smooth manner by our experienced educators.
  • During this course, we distinguish between correct and incorrect phonetical sounds and students will begin to replicate the sounds of native British speakers.
  • Parents will be astonished to see their children perform in a small stage play production at the end of this course. Here Parents can marvel at the accelerated progress being made by students.


Essential Learning starts only 5,XXX Baht (6 times / month) and Accelerated Learning starts only 8,XXX Baht (11 times / month)