Born Leaders (Age 14 - 16 Years)

Course Details

  • Our Born Leaders course focuses on young learners' intellectual and social skills. Our passionate teachers will prepare your children to be the leaders of tomorrow’s world, by embedding in them critical thinking, logical thought processes, and the ability to question the world around them. At this level, we particularly focus on fostering collaborative learning, tolerance, respect and integrity, particularly at this level.
  • Activities at this level will be project based, group oriented; as well as individually produced essays and presentations. Students will begin to look towards their future professions, and we will support and encourage them in every way possible during this hugely important stage of their lives.
  • Students who have already studied with us in our previous four courses will be fully prepared for this course’s four main facets; discover, explore, create and learn. Students are challenged to realize their full potential as Born Leaders. We will study the different phonics of British and American speakers and ensure your child is sounding like a native.
  • English skills are developed through discussion, drama, role-plays, and debates, to allow a natural English thought process to naturally emerge. This content will allow students to become “Global Citizens”, as they gain knowledge of a wide range of cultures. We foster collaborative learning, tolerance, respect and integrity, during every aspect of this course.
  • Upon completion of our Born Leaders course, students will be fully equipped to write essays, using their own independent thinking. They will be fully prepared for the world of tomorrow and have a “head start” when it comes to international English. Students will begin to mimic the British accent and understand the intricate differences between correct and incorrect pronunciations. Students will perform a classic British stage-play and talent show for parents at the end of the course.


Essential Learning starts only 5,XXX Baht (6 times / month) and Accelerated Learning starts only 8,XXX Baht (11 times / month)