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- All native British teaching staff
- Enhanced UK curriculum
- Phonics based early learning through the program invented by Born Leaders.
- Focus on learning through playing, thinking in English and speaking in English without translation
- Maximum class size is 6 students per class.
6 months – 16 years old.
Starting from 6 months, especially in this early stage and scientifically proven from long years of research, your children's perception can quickly learn, and their ability to understand English is continuously stimulated. Our long years of experience, all from England can teach your children to have an English thinking process used in English. Although young children during this age are still unable to speak, after the first few months, we guarantee you that your children will learn to know English through body language and through answering to begin with by use of gestures. Also, your children will be taught to understand basic commands and widely commonly used vocabularies. Children's brain nervous systems will be motivated to embrace various essential words and with the correct English accent to prepare your children for the next level of their education. At first, you may not see any change because your children are too young to speak. However, after a few months, you will know that they can follow simple instructions in English, and a few months later, just before the first birthday, they will be able to say their first sentence in English! You will be so proud of them, and you will know that you are on the right track. You will be so happy that your investment in your child's education is moving in the right direction. Children of this age learn to gain more and more, resulting them learning how to use English more quickly. A good Education is vital and will never fail you.
Born Leaders' Branches
1. Sutthisan-Ratchadapisek Monchaya Building 376, 2rd Floor, Ratchadapisek Rd., Samsennok, Huai-Kwang, Bangkok 10310 Tel: 061-771-7710, 061-771-7750
2. Central Plaza Bangna Central Plaza Bangna, Room OF602, 6th Floor, Central City Tower, 585 Bangna-Trad Road, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Tel: 091-232-7177, 091-232-7077
Reserve the trial class for your kid's first step of educational breakthrough at :-
Monchaya Building, 2nd Floor (Sutthisan MRT) Phone: 061-771-7710, 061-771-7750
Central City Bangna Office Building, Floor 6, Tel: 091-232-7077, 091-232 -7177
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